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Cheryl Thompson
Friday, January 05, 2018

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  1. Time to Accessorize
    02 May, 2019
    Time to Accessorize
    If you're a spring or summer bride, you've chosen your gown by now, and are getting excited to wear it up the aisle!  What you may not have are the accessories that will bring your bridal look together- and that's okay!  There's still plenty of time to pick out jewelry, headpieces and other accessories- but do so in a mindful and decisive way to ease the stress that these last few weeks are likely to bring.   To be successful at making decisions about your accessories, shop equipped with a
  2. Say NO to High-Pressure Sales
    28 Mar, 2019
    Say NO to High-Pressure Sales
    Maybe it's my Nebraska up-bringing, maybe it's because I'm a Christian, or maybe it's just because I'm a person- but I do my very best to treat others the way I'd like to be treated - yep, the Golden Rule!  We're taught that 'rule' as children, and I would suspect that it's stuck around in most of our minds into adulthood.  So why, then, would you want to go somewhere that uses high-pressure sales tactics to get you to "say yes to the dress?"  I would never want to be pressured into making my
  3. Saying 'Thank You'
    26 Feb, 2019
    Saying 'Thank You'
    Once again I have stumbled upon a cute (and affordable) website that I MUST share with you! If you're like most couples, you want to treat your guests to an unexpected twist at your wedding- whether it be a unique cake flavor, a popcorn/candy bar, or a signature drink.  For those of you who would like to send your guests home with a special item at the end of the night, the website: https://foreverweddingfavors.com has a lot of cute ideas, and could service most any wedding style and budget.