Engagements Galore


Congratulations on your recent engagement! We are in the “busy season” of the bridal gown industry where all of the late-fall, Christmas, and New Years engagements are starting to shop for dresses. Here are some tips to help you navigate dress shopping at this time of year!

1. Bridal shops will be busy- schedule an appointment if you can!

While many shops also happily accept walk-ins, if you have an appointment scheduled they know they can plan for you specifically. The advantages of an appointment are that you will be sure to have a fitting room and a bridal consultant. If you don’t have an appointment just know you may have to wait a little longer to get access to a room, and the bridal specialist helping you may also be helping others. If there are no appointments available during the time you want to shop, please don’t let that stop you from coming in!! *True for everyone- please be patient! Whether you have an appointment or not, there are many brides (and prom shoppers) this time of year so stores will be busy. We want every bride to feel special and cared for, and we will do our absolute best to make that happen!

2. Gown ordering timelines

Every store will have different timelines for how soon you should be able to expect your ordered bridal gown. In our store, bridal gowns typically arrive in 2-4 months, but can take up to 6 months. Some stores are on a 6-month or longer time line. Now, having said that, Chinese New Year happens every year during “busy season” and while that may not seem to affect us here in the U.S., many of the national gown designers have factories in China – which means we ARE affected! I do not presume to know much about this holiday, but I do know workers get a significant period of time off, and factories are shut down. This means our usual time of getting a gown in can be extended by a month or two- so it’s best if you’re planning a spring/early summer wedding to order as soon as you know it’s The Dress!

3. Fewer people = Less confusion

I know it’s exciting to get friend and family opinions on your dress and it’s an exciting time to spend time together. Keep in mind, however, the more people you bring with you, the more opinions you’ll have being directed at you, which may also make it harder for YOU to make a decision.

Let this time be fun for you, try on lots of beautiful gowns, and Happy Wedding Planning!