Final Touches


Once you have your gown chosen, you may think the hard part’s behind you… but wait, did you think about your accessories?

Many brides have an idea of what they’d like to wear in their hair or on their ears for their wedding day, but matching up pieces that compliment the gown, as well as each other can be tricky- but really fun!

My first recommendation is to try on pieces when you choose your gown, just to get your mind working on what you like and don’t like. You don’t have to make decisions on the accessories yet, but having an idea to mull over isn’t a bad thing. Once your gowns is on order, you can search around and look at other pieces while you’re waiting for your gown to arrive. You can also narrow down the search of what you’re looking for and where to find it. I talk to a number of brides who have a specific idea in mind, but are having trouble locating the exact piece they love, so be prepared to invest some time if you’re really set on a concept.

When your gown comes in is when the fun really begins- you can now try on everything with YOUR dress; it’s the color you ordered, a size that fits (mostly, besides a few alterations), and this is THE ONE that everything is going to be worn with. While you’re trying your gown on in-store, do try on jewelry, headpieces, clips, veils, bracelets…everything you imagine you’ll want, when your gown is still in the store. Only purchase, though, when you’re sure of the piece since oftentimes, just like with gowns, once you make the purchase, the item is not returnable.

If you leave your bridal shop without having everything and you’d like to look around at other stores, it’s a good idea to browse first, then if there’s something you’re interested in, see if they will set up an appointment where you can bring your gown in to try on with the accessories. You may imagine it looking one way, and may find that it totally doesn’t go!

A couple things to keep in mind: 1) There’s no rule on what you should wear. Some brides take a less-is-more approach, and others like to be all decked out in as much sparkle as possible. 2) Look for pieces that compliment each other, but not necessarily match. Not all jewelry comes as a 3-piece set: earrings, necklace, bracelet- so find something that looks great with the piece you love the most. 3) Veils don’t have to be taken out for the reception- if your veil is your favorite accessory and makes you feel really “Bridal” then wear it… at least thru the cake cutting and first dance!

Stay true to yourself and the style of your wedding. ~Happy Planning! xo