Getting Ready for Your Wedding Day


Whether you’ve spent twenty months or two months planning your wedding, the day eventually arrives, whether you’re ready or not.

Here are a few suggestions to make sure you’re prepared and ready to enjoy your day!

  • Hire a wedding planner

Many wedding planners offer multiple services, whether you want them to work with you on every aspect of your wedding, or only Day-Of coordination, a wedding planner helps things run smoothly.

  • Don’t stress about things that will go unnoticed by others

There may be some things you run out of time for, or forget until it’s too late to do anything about; if you need to let go of some things, that’s okay! No one is going to know that the centerpieces are missing the glitter that you didn’t have time to spray on, or that you’ve borrowed some of your mother’s jewelry to wear for “something old” because no one had time to find your grandmother’s heirloom pearls.

  • Choose a responsible Personal Attendant

Your personal attendant is not the same as a wedding planner/coordinator! Your hired help is there to manage the day, your personal attendant is there for YOU! Your personal attendant is the one with you all day long; she will touch up your lipstick, deodorant, and hold your dress up so you can go to the bathroom (hey, it’s what real friends do!). This friend will know how to get you into your dress and also how to bustle it after the ceremony. She (or he) will make sure flowers are distributed, track down the groomsmen when they’re missing for the group photos and appear with a needle and thread when a button falls off your dad’s suit. Your personal attendant shouldn’t be the friend who didn’t make the bridesmaid cut- she should be the person you can trust with small details and someone you want by your side when things need to get done!

  • Delegate

I know, it’s hard to let your significant other do things their way- but find things you can live with not caring HOW they get done, as long as they get done. Examples: Playlist –of course you can still put in your requests for songs, but he can compile them; Getting groomsmen in for tux/suit fittings –he should be able to convince his friends to get to the tux shop or drive them there himself, you don’t need to micromanage this; Transportation –let him take the wheel of figuring out how to get from the ceremony to the reception, a limo or party bus for all, or a quaint vintage car for the two of you? you can obviously tell him your ideas, but he can do this!

  • ¬†Take time for you!

No one will know what doesn’t get done, but they will know if you looked stressed. Start by finding ways to delegate the week-of jobs: who can write on the chalkboard sign? who can pick up rentals? who can figure out the hair-styling schedule??? Then, if something small falls under the table, leave it there. You need to enjoy this time- and not just during showers and parties, schedule time with your friends and family before your wedding- get your nails done (isn’t that a given?), relax and go see a movie, take some long walks and deep breaths, drink plenty of water. The night before, rest well, and trust yourself that you’ve taken care of the most important things. Your wedding day will dawn and you deserve to enjoy every second!

Cheryl Thompson
Friday, May 11, 2018