High School Formals: so many dresses


Homecoming is going on all around us! If your school hasn’t had theirs yet, it’s probably up soon.

For many of you, prom shopping may seem SO far in the future that you’ll just skip over this blog and not read, for the rest of you- thanks for sticking around!

These days there are so many high school formals- starting with Homecoming, to Winter Formal -or- Snowball and then Prom. If you (or your parents) are tired of buying dress after dress, here are some helpful tips for getting a bigger return on your dress-investments!

1.) Shop off-season! Yes, this will mean buying a dress that was from last year’s collection, but guess what? the styles don’t change that drastically from year-to-year. Right now is the time to score a dress at huge savings- but only until the new styles start coming in. Right now, we want to get space on our racks, which is why our prom dresses are 50% off, however, once the new styles start coming in, the dresses will be closer to 25-30% off.

2.) Didn’t shop before the season started? If you want to save, wait until March when mega-sales will happen again! We know it’s close to prom time, but that’s exactly the point: dresses will be marked down to get as many off-the-rack and on-the-dance-floor. At this point, you will have no option of ordering, however MOST girls buy off-the-rack for prom anyway.

3.) Did we mention off-the-rack?! Buy off-the-rack when possible- for two reasons! One, WE typically only buy one dress of each style, which means when it’s gone, it’s not likely to be ordered by someone else, which greatly decreases the likelihood of someone else showing up at your prom in your dress (gasp!). However, please remember, there is NO national database for who buys what prom dress. If someone buys a dress from one store promising not to sell it to anyone else at your school, another girl may be able to get that dress from another retailer- whether on purpose or accident. Second, when you buy off-the-rack, we give a discount to encourage dresses to go out-the-door since the shopping season for formals is pretty short, and there’s no benefit to anyone if we hang on to them. (Except you, shopping off-season next year!) 😉

4.) Loved your prom dress from a previous year? Here’s a clever little #hack. Literally. Hack it off. Okay, so that doesn’t sound so elegant. How about this: cut it short. If you have a prom dress that will look cute short, you can re-purpose it for another formal (junior homecoming, senior winter formal…)! Or, swap with a friend and wear each other’s after you’ve shortened them. By shortening a long dress, and accessorizing differently (Hello Shoes!) you will get a completely different look, and will get to wear your favorite dress again. The charges for shortening a dress will be far less than buying new, and if you already love the dress, then you’ve just scored!

New styles will start appearing November/December, so if you’re interested in the best deal possible, shop now!

We look forward to sharing the newest styles with you when they start coming in! ~xo

Cheryl Thompson
Wednesday, September 19, 2018