Mix’n’Match Bridesmaids


Brides are more flexible than ever when it comes to dressing their bridesmaids.  While some still opt for same dress, same color, others are finding the choose-your-own, or mixing colors & fabrics to be the easiest way to go.  If you’ve got a laid back style and want to incorporate some of your bridesmaid’s personalities into your wedding, then you may want to seriously consider this.

To get a perfectly imperfect look takes a little more planning, but it’s worth it to see the richness it adds to your wedding photos.  You have options to make everyone a little different: same dress, varied colors/ different dresses, same color/ different dresses, same fabric with different colors/ different dresses with varied colors and fabrics…you get the idea!  No matter which way you choose to do it, you will need a plan to execute the look you want to achieve without it looking like it was a bridesmaid’s free-for-all.

Start with a general color palette, but remember this is just the inspiration, you may not find the exact shades.  I would recommend scouting out a few stores before you involve bridesmaids to make sure you can get all the colors you want in one place.  

Line colors up, rearrange them, look at dress styles together – is there anything tying them together, like ruching or a tie around the waist? does that matter to you?  Do you want your MOH in sequins, and everyone else in plain chiffon?  Keep in mind, some girls may have the same color, which is when you need to plan who stands where and what the color order will be.   You don’t have to know all the answers right away.  With the help of some knowledgeable bridal consultants try different things out until you come up with a plan you love!  

Happy wedding planning!