Say NO to High-Pressure Sales

Maybe it’s my Nebraska up-bringing, maybe it’s because I’m a Christian, or maybe it’s just because I’m a person– but I do my very best to treat others the way I’d like to be treated – yep, the Golden Rule!  We’re taught that ‘rule’ as children, and I would suspect that it’s stuck around in most of our minds into adulthood.  So why, then, would you want to go somewhere that uses high-pressure sales tactics to get you to “say yes to the dress?”


I would never want to be pressured into making my wedding dress decision- and for multiple reasons.  First, I don’t know if I’d ever really feel “good” in the dress.  This wasn’t a decision I entered into without pressure, and so I will probably second-guess myself the entire way up the aisle and even looking at pictures years down the line: was there something else I liked more? should I have gone to one more store?  Second, now that I bought the dress, it’s mine- no going back.  Whether you purchase off-the-rack or special-order your gown, there are VERY FEW instances where you would be allowed to return a gown at a bridal salon- whether it’s been picked up and taken home or not.  The best you can hope for is maybe a portion of store credit- but we’ve already established we don’t like their sales tactics, so what other item(s) would you want to purchase there?  Third, I’m now stuck either being okay with wearing something I realize isn’t my dream dress, or I have to make plans to go shopping again, and spend more money.  We see this happen more often than you’d think- a bride coming in a few months before her wedding because she hates her dress because either:

a) she was high-pressured into buying it,

b) she did alterations and hates it now, or

c) all of the above.  I do not like being pressured into buying anything- so why would I want to feel pressure when making such an important decision?


I would rather have 10 happy brides who would refer my business because I was kind, honest and reputable, than sell to 15 brides who will never send anyone my way because they feel like I talked them into it.  There IS a difference between a dress consultant who is educated and making helpful suggestions, versus one who is trying to talk you into buying it because your one hour appointment is almost up.  I always like to make suggestions, point out possibilities & pros/cons, and then I walk away-  to let you talk amongst yourselves, let you just “be” in the dress, and weigh all the things you like and don’t like about it.  If questions arise, I’m very much available to you- just because I’m not right beside you doesn’t mean I’ve left you, I just don’t think it’s polite to hover and try to sway your decision.  

If it’s truly The Dress- you will have no problem saying YES!

Happy Dress-Hunting ♥