Saying ‘Thank You’


Once again I have stumbled upon a cute (and affordable) website that I MUST share with you!

If you’re like most couples, you want to treat your guests to an unexpected twist at your wedding- whether it be a unique cake flavor, a popcorn/candy bar, or a signature drink. For those of you who would like to send your guests home with a special item at the end of the night, the website: has a lot of cute ideas, and could service most any wedding style and budget.

I got SO entranced looking at this site and then, of course, I had to place an order to see some of these items in-person!


Hugging Bears Salt & Pepper Shakers

-Small and sweet little bears, perfect for a winter or forest-themed wedding

-Cute packaging (sadly, I did not photograph it!)

-There are many other salt & pepper shakers to choose from, these were just the ones I knew my little girls would like the most on our table at home


“All-In” Deck of Cards

-Really good quality, easy to shuffle and use

-Sweet gold hearts make these cards great for a wedding favor, but not too “cutsie” that people wouldn’t use them


“Key to my Heart” Bottle Opener

  -I like craft beers, which don’t usually have a twist top, so I ordered this as something I could put in my car and have if I went to a friend’s house, instead of having to bug them for an opener

  -Comfortable to hold and easy to use

  -Probably my favorite!


Wine Accessories

  -There were lots to choose from- but I chose the Love Knot bottle stopper and a unique corkscrew

  -Both had pretty & clever packaging, and the corkscrew was really fun and easy to use




Mini Magnetic Picture Frames

 -A set of 3, you could be clever and replace pictures in these to use with your table decorations, then have a unique gift for each guest to take home

  -I replaced the pictures with my own from my shop- and I think they look great!  They’re still on my refrigerator at home, but I will be bringing them to work and using them on the side of my filing cabinet!

In addition to great little favors for your guests, you can also find items such as personalized and multi-sized stickers/tags that you could add to almost anything to make it personal. There are also hand fans, which are classy and perfect for a summer wedding and assorted mini vases and glass jars, which would be cute used in multiples on tablescapes. Thinking for something up at the bar? Check out their beautiful glass coasters which would be a neat touch when added near the bar as guests get their drinks. You will also find bells to ring as you make your exit – or to make you kiss at the reception – as well as many different styles of bubbles for your guests to blow as you are sent off. ♥

This website pretty much as it all. It will definitely be a go-to site when I have brides asking for ideas of something unique, stylish and affordable. I hope you take a moment to check it out- and pass it along to any brides in your world!