Secrets to Finding the Perfect Prom Dress

Which is worse: the dream about showing up naked at prom, or the one where you show up in the same dress as your arch nemesis?

If you said showing up in the same dress as your arch nemesis, you’re not alone.  Every girl wants to feel fabulous and to ‘wow’ everyone around her with her unique prom dress that shows off her style and personality.  If you haven’t started prom dress shopping yet for 2020, you’re not alone – but your selection is more limited than it was even a couple of weeks ago. 

Here’s how you can still find that perfect dress: 


*Shop Small  –  find local boutiques and bridal shops.  These stores tend to not get the same dress in every size; more often, they only get one dress in each style.  Each designer has a minimum number of dresses that have to be purchased to carry a line, therefore, it is more beneficial to choose 36-40 different dresses (per designer) than it is to try to choose just 15-20 dresses and order them in a run of sizes.  Smaller boutiques would also rather sell their inventory than order, so chances are that each dress will only be sold once, and once it’s gone, it won’t be back in-store.  If a dress IS ordered, smaller boutiques are also more likely to be keeping track of what dresses are going to which schools, which means that even if you do order, or your dress is a rare one that was ordered in a couple different sizes, the chances of it being sold to multiple girls from the same school is extremely low.

*Expect to Try on 1-5 at Each Place You Visit –  just because there may not be 25 dresses in your size to choose from on the rack, doesn’t mean there’s nothing there for you (because remember the point above: 36-40 different dresses/different sizes vs. 20 dresses all the same/every size).  Resolve to try on at least one dress at each store;  you’re not going to find the perfect dress if you’re not trying them on!  Keep in mind that dresses look different on the body versus on the hanger and sizes vary, so although a 10 might fit you in one style, another dress might fit best in an 8 or 14.  No one’s going to know what size you’re wearing, but they are going to know if the dress is ill-fitting.

*Get Outta Town –  still find those small, local shops, but find them in a town that’s not where everyone else  from your school is shopping (especially if you’re from a small town)!  You can also ask when you come in to prom shop if anyone from your school has been in yet, and then you’ll also know if there are any styles that are “off-limits” to you.

*Don’t Wait  –  if you find a dress you love and you want it, I highly recommend getting it during that shopping trip!  We’re to the time frame where taking special orders has been stopped by some designers, so what’s on the rack is what’s left.  If you wait and don’t grab the dress you want when you try it on, there’s  a good possibility that it’ll be gone when you come back around in a week or so and may have no chance of ordering.  (So it’s also a good idea to have a #2 favorite as a back-up plan!) 

You won’t go to prom without a dress- so breathe deeply, and have fun shopping! ♥