THE Perfect Gifts

Getting gifts for your wedding party can be a hard thing to figure out. 

There are so many different likes and dislikes, everyone has a unique personality: is there really a “one-gift-covers-all?”

With these cute websites that I found, it really can be that easy!


For your bridesmaids, you can find all kinds of pretty jewelry (that can be customized) that they really will want to wear.  Whether it’s specifically for them to wear when they stand by your side, or if it’s just a fun piece for them to wear casually – they WILL want to wear these pieces over and over!  If you’re feeling like you want to do something other than jewelry, there are dozens of other ideas for you!  From robes and personalized hangers to tumblers and themed gift baskets!

For the groomsmen in your wedding party, you can choose from items including personalized flasks and growlers to ties and cufflinks.  The perfect masculine gifts are all right there at your fingertips. 

I even like this website for some of my Christmas shopping!  Guy gifts are some of the hardest, I think!  I always want to get something personal, they they’ll actually like and use, but then finding the right thing can take SO much time.  

I truly hope you check these out – and that they give you inspiration for some great ideas that are as unique as your friends!

Happy Wedding Planning!