Time to Accessorize


If you’re a spring or summer bride, you’ve chosen your gown by now, and are getting excited to wear it up the aisle!  What you may not have are the accessories that will bring your bridal look together- and that’s okay!  There’s still plenty of time to pick out jewelry, headpieces and other accessories- but do so in a mindful and decisive way to ease the stress that these last few weeks are likely to bring.

To be successful at making decisions about your accessories, shop equipped with a good picture of you in your dress and maybe some close-up shots of your favorite details.  Also, have an idea of how you plan to do your hair and whether you want sparkle (tiara, pins or hair comb) or fresh flowers incorporated into your wedding-do?  Think about how you feel about a veil: are you definitely having a veil, definitely not, or undecided.  Whatever the answer is, will help you in decision making.  Even if you’re undecided you’ll know within moments of trying a few on if it’s a look for you or not.

When you are ready to shop, take along one other person who understands your style and can help support you without projecting their own personal tastes onto you.  Call the stores you plan to visit in advance to see if you need an appointment (at adorned, you don’t) and make a fun afternoon of checking off a lot of “little” boxes.  Bridal consultants should be able to look at the pictures you provide and show you different jewelry that will set off your neckline and favorite details, they should also be able to help you with choosing hair accessories or make suggestions as to which veils would best compliment your look. 


Remember to be true to yourself- if you don’t normally wear 3″ earrings and chunky necklaces, your wedding day may not be the time to try out a new look.  Choose pieces that you love, that are “you” and that you may even want to wear again. 

(Yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear your tiara around the house after the wedding!)